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Kevin Elfleet


Studied in the subjects of Archaeology and English Local History with the University of East Anglia. Currently studying the Iceni Tribe  that ruled this area over 2000 years ago, also interested in the local Fenland Saltworking around the edges of the Wash. Other interests include metal detecting and conservation. Have also enjoyed taken part in the program Time Team in 1998 with members of the metal detecting club and the Archaeological society

Sylvia Cooke


Sylvia, a graduate of Durham University, taught Geography and Maths in Norfolk before going to Canada in 1987. After retiring in Castle Rising in 2001 she and Fred have become more and more interested in its history. She is particularly interested in the vernacular architecture, the mills, the school, the old Hall and the 19th century history of the village.

Fred Cooke


Fred Cooke,  A former biologist and ornithologist, now retired and living in Castle Rising. I am particularly interested in relating landscape features to documentary evidence of local history. I spent much of my working life in Canada, but now enjoy the wealth of history which is associated with Castle Rising and area. Having obtained my Ph. D. at Christ’s College Cambridge, I spent much of my working career carrying out research on the conservation of birds and am now an active member of the BTO assisting with the development of the recent Bird Atlas. I am also on the National Council of the RSPB. In 2000 I was honored to receive the Order of Canada, (Canada’s equivalent to the OBE)


Jackie Morrallee


Though I live in the nearby town of King's Lynn I was approached by a member of the C.R.History Group because of my connection with adjoining village of Babingley.  In the 1980's I did some research into the legend of St.Felix the first Bishop of the Anglia and his founding of the first Christian Church in there.  I have recently written an article on the possible effects of 'Civil Disturbances' such as the Kett Rebellion had on the village and am currently researching 'Markets and Fairs' with another member of our group.


Matt Smith


My working life was spent in Electrical Engineering and Construction, When I retired I studied  history  at the UEA being awarded a Diploma in English Local History. My main interests are church history and architecture and the various aspects of local government.

Ann Whiting


Ann Whiting has lived in Castle Rising for the past 31 years and has a BA (Hons) in English History from the University of East Anglia. Now retired, she enjoys the challenge of uncovering any new historical facts connected with the villlage and has a special interest in the late Medieval and Early Modern periods.

Richard Brown.


On retirement and my move to Norfolk 16years ago, I have taken a keen

interest in History but not taken it up seriously. When the Local History group started up approximately 6years ago I was pleased to be able to join to gain further knowledge of the Village here in Castle Rising, the church, the castle and surrounding areas.

Barry Blades


Barry graduated from the University of London with a BA (Hons) degree in Medieval and Modern History. He has since added a Master of Education degree (Cambridge University) and PhD (London University) to his qualifications. Barry taught History in secondary schools in London and Peterborough for over thirty years and worked as a freelance Education Consultant from 2006 to 2010. He has recently moved to Castle Rising and is particularly interested in conducting further research into the history of education, the First World War and charitable endowments such as the Trinity Hospital.

Sally Brett


I taught for thirty five years as a primary school teacher, deputy head teacher and education advisor.  I retired in 2001 and since then have enjoyed many activities, riding, cycling, walking, painting and reading. Several years ago I joined the Castle Rising History Group and discovered the amazing amount of local history  that had been rediscovered by the group. Not academic I enjoy the practical side of the group's activities and discovering the place of one small village in English history.

 Yvonne Bull


I joined the History Group in 2012 having recently moved into the area. I worked for many years at St. George's Choir School, Windsor Castle, and developed an interest in Queen Victoria's family. I also have an interest in the D'Albini family, particularly Adeliza, widow of Henry I and later wife of William D'Albini II, the builder of the Castle at Rising.